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To design longlasting luxury products, where aesthetics and functionality unites.

The Marise Bags boot bag was the first design that came to life when Marise Bags was founded. The problem solving designer Marie-Louise wanted to find a way to make functionality and aesthetics unite with a long life time.

The boot bag is a favorite amongst many riders all over the world. Using genuine leather as material for the boot bag, mimics the rest of the tack we use as equestrian riders. Leather is a natural material, and gives the bag an exclusive look. We spent so many hours a day at the barn - so why not use beautiful products, to match your other stylish equestrian products!

Why our boot bag?

Good for you

The ergonomic placing of the handles makes the bag easy to carry

Made to last

A soft and strong ox leather, results in a bag you will have for a lifetime

100% transparency

We provide information around what our products are made of and why.

Does size matter?

Yes it does!!!

Our Marise Boot Bag is 65cm long. This means that it fit the main part of all equestrian boots.

The placing of the zipper, and the long opening, makes it super easy to put in the boots.

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Strong leather to increase lifetime
Washable detachable inside lining
Genuine handsewn by caftsmen
Strong YKK double zipper
Innovative placement of the handles
Large opening to easy the positioning of the boots

When to use our boot bag?

The barn

Use the boot bag at the stable, to stay organized, and keep your boots protects. The boot bag can be positioned upright or lying down.


The bag is super for transporting your riding boot to training. Our professionals uses the bag when traveling to look for new horses.


Stay classy and good prepared. The boot bag is ideal when going to competition.

Our Professionals

Dennis Fisker

Juliane Brunkhorst

Charlotte Fry


Strong genuine leather

Detachable inside lining

Washable at 30 degrees

Long YKK zipper for easy placement of the boots

Ergonomic placement of handles

Pocket for spurs

Sold out

You shouldn’t have to choose between what's beautiful and what’s functional.


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