The Story

We create products for the fashionable rider, so they get functional and aesthetics in one, for their everyday horse life.


The Danish design brand, Marise Bags, was founded in 2017. With focus on functional leather bags for the equestrian rider. 

Marise Bags was founded to please the fashionable riders and its needs. To create products that can fulfill both the functional needs as well as the aesthetics was a goal for us. 

With many years of experience in the equestrian world, the ideas have now come to life.

The designer behind the equestrian brand, Marie-Louise is an educated designer from Denmark whom also has a veterinary master from Copenhagen University. Marise has collected knowledge of what the discerning costumer wants and what works through many years of experience in the equestrian world. The luxury leather bags are all products designed with focus on an aesthetic look with functional details.

”Ideation” was always a natural part of Marie-Louises mindset. Creating and developing products, is constantly ”buzzing like small bees” in her head. With a passion for horses, as a vet for sport horses, a dressage rider and love for luxury goods - the brand Marise Bags came to life.

Creating new styles with respect for only the best materials, combined with a mind, full of ideas, new ideas was tested and new styles were created. The focus is always on making the leather bags functional and smart, so they are easy to use an equestrian rider. By fusing practical small details with a Nordic elegance,  the products can be used for many years.


The leather quality is important for our brand. To make long lasting products, it is necessary to find sustainable materials. We have chosen a very good leather quality for our bags, which is easy to keep clean and keeps its shape and color when being used. They are made of thick ox leather so they are strong and can be used every day in the stable and at competition.

The boot bag was the first design to be finished. A focus on functional details was important.

It should be easy to clean the bag, and this i why the detachable inside lining came to life. Normally it can be complicated to place the riding boots in a boot bag. This is why the Marise Bootbag has placed its handles differently and the bag has a zipper that opens widely.

On the side of the bag have we placed a small pocket that fits a pair of spurs.

The helmet bag is an easy way to carry your most important riding equipment. It was important that the bag was designed so is is easy to carry, and has a pocket for smaller stuff like riding gloves, or coach phones. 

In the process of designing the grooming backpack, it was important that it was a cool backpack that can also be used private. This i why the backpack is big enough for a 15'' laptop. While making the backpack, the toolbox idea came to life. The backpack for competition, and the toolbox for the stable. It is easy to keep brushes and sprays in a system, and the toolbox can be cleaned with a cloth and saddle soap.